DARTS Beginning to End by George Silberzahn

I get TONS of emails asking for practice tips and other things 59697-SILB-thumbnailrelated to my dart career. George has done an excellent job with this book. If you have a question he has an answer. I also have an interview in the book, along with some other great players. I highly suggest this book, not only for the beginner, but for anyone needing some help along the way in your dart career. I wouldn’t attach my name to something I didn’t agree with and I must say again, George has done a great job with this one. Click here to buy yours now.

About the Author

George Silberzahn is a renowned author and recognized authority in the sport of darts. During his career, his knowledge, skills and determination ranked him as one of the top ten players in the United States. An expert darter, he averaged more than fifty on an American dart board. His involvement in the sport spans fifty years and his passion for the game has led to this, the most comprehensive book about American, steel tip and soft tip darts written to date. His tutorial, “Flight School,” has helped darters worldwide improve their game. He also developed the “Players Tournament,” unique because of the opportunity it affords all levels of dart shooters. He lives in Wilmington, DE with his wife Sandie. He can be contacted through his website, How To Darts.