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Lstyle-banner1L” in L-STYLE is for love, life, luck and many more wonderful L’s.  L-STYLE products are made original. In any sports, the equipment has evolved from the athlete’s performance. Golf clubs, billiard cues, soccer balls and spikes have all evolved greatly, and darts should too.

vega-banner1Vega Darts, darts and accessories from Japan. Vega Darts is the professionals choice for Flights, Shafts, Barrels, Tips, Dart Boards, Dart Cases, Accessories and Apparel.

dynasty-133squareDynasty Japan is a Japanese dart brand that focuses on providing quality products that are designed from a dart player’s point of view and have an excellent design. John Kuczynski’s Signature Barrel is a great example of that commitment to excellence.

John Kuczynski’s Signature Barrel employs a “wing cut” ring in the rear, which utilizes the power of the arm swing to generate force. The rear pocket is designed to securely transmit the force from the arm to the dart. This allows you to aim for the target in a straight line. Upon extending your arm, the dart jumps directly towards the target. Through his innovative design, Johnny K was able to accomplish his goal of creating a barrel that performs exactly as expected.


Material: Tungsten 95%
Length (barrel only) :44.5mm
Maximum Diameter: 7.2mm
Weight: 23.0g (barrel only)

Visit Vega Darts or Dynasty Japan to purchase your “Johnny K” signature series darts.